About Us

Welcome to 317 Main, a place where community and music education come together in a welcoming and joyful environment. Based in Yarmouth, Maine, our talented teaching artists provide instruction on a wide range of instruments and musical genres, offering inspiration, camaraderie and collaboration to hundreds of musicians of all ages and abilities.

What started in 2004 as a great idea for an informal gathering place using music to bring people together has exploded into a vibrant and thriving regional hub for music education and enrichment. Hundreds of people from across Maine come to 317 Main’s studios in Yarmouth and our partner locations every week to make and appreciate music, connect with musicians, and be part of a community.

We are committed to welcoming anyone into the 317 Main community, regardless of personal circumstances. In addition to lessons, group classes and ensembles, workshops, jam sessions, and camps offered at our studios, we partner with schools and other non-profits to reach students who otherwise would not have access to music education opportunities.

Recent research confirms what many of us already experience every day. Music is fundamental to our lives. It supports personal achievement. It builds confidence. It promotes health and happiness. It fosters connections among community members. Music changes lives.

In 2016:

  • Studio students: 500+ (ages 3-90)
  • Partnership Program students: 450+
  • Teaching artists: 24
  • Instruments taught: 14 plus voice
  • Communities served: 40
  • Community performances: 30+
  • Volunteers: 100+
  • Donors: 284
  • Financial aid packages: 36

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