Emilia Dahlin



Throughout a sixteen-year musical performing career that has taken her through the U.S., Canada,

Welcome Emilia Dahlin

Brazil and Europe, Emilia Dahlin has made Maine her home.  Known for strong storytelling sensibilities and memorable performances, Emilia garnered many national awards, from Telluride Troubador, Winner of the Starbucks Music Makers Competition, Winner of Boston Music Conference Songwriting Competition, and the Great Waters Songwriting Contest.


In 2012, she co-founded The Transcendence Project, using music to catalyze and create community locally and globally.  That year, The Transcendence Project partnered with Seeds of Peace to create and produce a public performance that brought together 35 artists from 9 countries in conflict.


Most recently, Emilia pulled back from touring to mother a toddler and work as a teaching artist.  She’s partnered with organizations like the Telling Room and the Maine Academy of Modern Music (MAMM), where she currently teaches songwriting to 500 Portland Public Schools youth.  She also co-directs the MAMMOTH Rock Chorus for elementary and home-schooled students and hosts and produces The Kids Are Alright family music series in partnership with the Portland Public Library and Friends Of Deering Oaks Park, which caters to pre-school aged children.


As a teaching artist, Emilia garners great joy from collaborating and co-creating with young, budding music-makers and appreciators and believes that music and storytelling are some of the most powerful tools to foster connection between people.