John C. McCain

John McCain teaches guitar, bass and partnership programs.  

John McCain has been playing acoustic and electric guitar and bass for 40 years and has taught privately for 30 years.

John’s studies have led him to delve into many genres (rock, funk, jazz, classical), as well as cultural styles (Hawaiian slack key, South Indian veena, Vietnamese guitar, and more).

He has studied privately with many of the greats of jazz guitar (George Van Eps, Tal Farlow, Ted Greene, Bill Connors) and has continued to deepen his knowledge and appreciation of music through the years.

He has been invited to lecture at numerous university music departments on various musical topics. John has toured the U.S., Canada, and Europe, and recorded with musicians as diverse as Richard Thompson, Henry Kaiser, and Raymond Kane.

John’s teaching emphasizes the fundamentals of musicianship, relaxed and embodied playing technique, and, the #1 priority: enjoying the musical experience.