Kyle Hardy

“Saxophonist and composer Kyle Hardy has been an active member of the Maine music community for over a decade. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Music Performance with a concentration in Jazz Studies from the University of Southern Maine. Upon graduating, Kyle moved to Portland where he began to search for his own unique saxophone sound and style.

Throughout his career, Kyle has performed with many prominent bands including New York-based  kyle1band Soulive, The Rustic Overtones, the Portland Jazz Orchestra, the Fogcutters, Raging Brass Reggae Band, Grupo Esperanza, and the Steve Grover Quartet. Kyle’s soulful way of playing has been captured on multiple recordings, most recently on his 2016 album release, The Kyle Hardy Group.

With eagerness to explore different musical avenues, Kyle traveled to Bangalore, India in 2013 where he studied South Indian percussion under the tutelage of Sri Vidwan Vasudeva Rao. Upon returning to the US, he formed Trikala Ensemble, an Indian-jazz group that blends characteristics of both traditions. Today, Kyle splits his time between composing, teaching, and performing around New England.” .