Giving Levels

Every year, we rely on your donations at all levels to help cover the real cost of the 317 Main experience. Your gift has a major impact!

Album: $10,000 fills the gap between tuition and the real cost of lessons for 14 students at 317 Main.

Song: $5,000 covers the cost for a national touring artist to perform at a 317 Main fundraising concert.

Melody: $2,500 enables 317 Main to develop a new partnership with a school or non-profit to provide free music education programming for southern Maine youth.

Chorus: $1,000 enables us to provide financial aid for one year of lessons for a 317 Main student.

Verse: $500 supports the free Noon Tunes community concert series featuring 317 Main’s talented teaching artists.

Chord: $250 helps support 317 Main student performances in the community.

Note: $100 helps cover the cost of an instrument for a 317 Main Partnership Program student.

Beat: Monthly Donations provide steady, dependable support for 317 Main’s music education programs. Set up a recurring monthly gift online, and make changes anytime online or by phone.

Or, subscribe and make a monthly gift via your PayPal account:

Giving Levels

Thank you for supporting community music in Maine!