Little Roots Programs


Little Roots Jr. engages 3-5 year-olds who are ready and able to explore a new level of musical learning. Each class consists of singing, creative movement, games, stories, rhythm, and other fun musical activities. The program has been carefully designed in a way that children will feel comfortable in exploring the elements of music as a group through a range of musical styles in a friendly and playful atmosphere. Styles include lyrical, blues, folk, Americana and traditional music in a variety of tonalities, meters and instrumentation.

WEDNESDAYS (10 Weeks, 9/17-11/19)
Little Roots Jr. (Sprouts) 9-9:45 AM
Little Roots Jr. (Seedlings) 10:10:45 AM Taught by Robin Jellis

THURSDAYS (10 Weeks, 9/18-11/20)
Little Roots Jr. (Sprouts) 9-9:45 AM
Little Roots Jr. (Seedlings) 10-10:45 AM Taught by Amanda Gale

SATURDAYS (10 Weeks, 9/13-11/22)
Little Roots Jr. (Sprouts) 9-9:45 AM
Little Roots Jr. (Seedlings) 10-10:45 AM Taught by Robin Jellis


The Little Roots Discovery session is a wonderful and innovative way to introduce your child to some of our most popular acoustic instruments: penny whistle/recorder, violin and cello. This session is for children who are 6-8 years of age with little or no musical experience and is an excellent way to springboard into learning an instrument for private lessons in the future. Parents of children who are not quite 6 years of age are to receive permission from the instructor prior to registering. We will spend 3 weeks on each instrument before discovering the next. Each class will also consist of a range of exciting instrumental tunes* and fun musical games which will include rhythms, singing, and movement. INSTRUMENTS PROVIDED.

Week 1 ­ Little roots “Discovery Intro”
Weeks 2, 3, 4 ­ Little Roots “Violin”
Weeks 5, 6, 7 ­ Little Roots “Cello”
Weeks 8, 9, 10 ­ Little Roots “Penny Whistle”
*The majority of tunes covered during the Little Roots Discovery sessions will consist of (but not limited to) songs covered in previous Little Roots Jr.sessions.

SATURDAYS (10 weeks, 9/13-11/22)
Little Roots Discovery 11 AM – 12 Noon Taught by Megan Martelle, Robin Jellis, Kate Campbell Straus


The LITTLE ROOTS FIDDLE and LITTLE ROOTS CELLO group classes are a wonderful way for students (ages 6-9) to get started with instrumental instruction. Incorporating and building on many of the same tunes and songs taught in our other Little Roots programs, these group classes are designed for beginners who are ready to focus on a specific instrument. As melody instruments, the fiddle and cello are a natural extension from the singing voice, and the instruments are available in sizes to fit smaller hands comfortably. Our Little Roots teachers promote a positive balance between keeping things fun in the group and the importance of making a manageable commitment to regular practice every week between meetings.

WEDNESDAYS (13 weeks)
Little Roots Fiddle (Ages 6-9) Wednesday 3:30-4:25 Taught by Erica Brown

FRIDAYS (13 weeks)
Little Roots Cello (Ages 6-9) Friday 4-4:55 Taught by Robin Jellis
Little Roots Fiddle (ages 6-9) Friday 4:00-4:55 Taught by Megan Martelle

Little Roots Instructors

Our Little Roots classes are taught by 317 instructors Amanda Gale and Robin Jellis. Their collective experience and passion for music and child development provides a top notch musical experience for young children and their families at 317 Main.

Amanda Gale is a Certified Infant and Newborn Care Specialist and a graduate of Bard College Conservatory of Music with a degree in Flute Performance. Prior to coming to 317 Main, she served as the Choral Music Director at Merriconeag Waldorf School. Amanda is passionate about the importance of music and movement in the lives of children, and passionate about teaching in both private and group settings. She serves coordinator of camps at 317 Main.

Robin Jellis received a 4-year Music Talent Scholarship to attend the University of Southern Maine where she graduated cum lade with a Bachelor of Music degree in Cello Performance. She has completed studies in chamber music, jazz improvisation, and Medieval and Renaissance music. Robin received her teacher training at the Suzuki Institutes of Ithaca College and Hartt School of Music. Robin has served as coordinator for both the strings camp and the music and arts camp at the Portland Conservatory of Music.