Little Roots Programs

Happy Summer Little Roots Families! Join us for Little Roots Family Fun in August.  Please register through our front desk at 846-9559.

Our fall class schedule will be posted by August 1st.


The Little Roots Program at 317 Main Community Music Center offers a continuum of fun and engaging classes for children of all ages.  Our experienced music educators look forward to making music with your family in our welcoming,  historic home in Yarmouth village.

  • Little Roots Family is a creative music and movement experience designed to strengthen the bond between children from birth – age 4 and their parents or caregivers.
  • Little Roots is appropriate for children aged 3-5 who are ready for a group class without parents. This class emphasizes singing, rhythm, movement and FUN.
  • Little Roots Discovery  gives children, ages 6-8,  the chance to get acquainted with 3 instruments during a 10 week session.
  • Our Discovery classes are a great fit for students, ages 6-9,  who are ready to focus on one instrument.  Current Discovery offerings include ukulele, cello, fiddle and voice.

We also offer private and semi-private lessons and jams for children ages 6 and up as well as custom group classes for children of all ages.

LITTLE ROOTS FAMILY CLASS (birth-4) Instructor Amanda “Panda” Parkhurst

Little Roots Family is a group class for those who would like to experience a music and movement class as a family. The focus is to expand the group’s  comfort with traditional folk songs and Amanda Panda originals with themes of nature, health, kindness and silliness.  In a  fun and supportive environment, families can also learn how to use music as a tool at home and strengthen the family bond.

Not sure? Try a class for $20.

Little Roots Family/Thursday, 10:00-10:45am, 4/6-6/1, (8 weeks) $136/family (plus $25 annual registration fee.)
Little Roots Family/Friday,  9:00-9:45am, 4/7-6/2, (8 weeks) $136/family (plus $25 registration.)
Little Roots Family/Friday 11:00-11:45am, 4/7-6/2, (8 weeks) $136/family (plus $25 registration.)

LITTLE ROOTS (ages 3-5, 10 weeks) Instructor: Amanda Gale


Robin Jellis making music with “Little Roots” Tommy & David

Little Roots will introduce your child to the joy of making music with other young friends through song, dance play and a hands on introduction to the ukulele.  Music concepts such as rhythm and pitch are introduced through games and repetition. The class is designed to make children feel comfortable in exploring the elements of music in a group through a range of musical styles in a friendly and playful atmosphere.


Little Roots/Thursday, 9:00-9:45am, 4/6-6/15, (10 weeks)  $170 (plus $25 annual registration fee)

Little Roots/Saturday,  9:00-9:45am, 4/8-6/17 (10 weeks) $170 (plus $25 annual registration fee)

LITTLE ROOTS DISCOVERY (ages 6-8, 10 weeks) Instructor: Amanda Gale

Little Roots Discovery takes your child on a tour of some of our most popular acoustic instruments: fiddle, ukulele, and pennywhistle. We spend 3 weeks on each instrument before discovering the next. Each class consists of a range of instrumental tunes and fun musical games that include rhythms, singing, and movement.  Instruments are provided and kids are allowed to practice with them at home. No prior music experience required.
Little Roots Discovery/Saturday, 10:00-11:00am, 4/8-6/17, (10 weeks)  $200 (plus $25 annual registration fee and $25 Instrument rental fee)

DISCOVERY (ages 6-9, 11 weeks) Various Instructors

Discovery Fiddle, Cello, Ukelele and Voice are a great way for young students to get started with instrumental and vocal instruction. In our Discovery classes, we incorporate and build on many of the same tunes and songs taught in our programs for younger kids.  These group classes are designed for beginners who are ready to focus on a specific musical discipline. Our teachers promote a positive balance between keeping things fun in the group and the importance of making a manageable commitment to regular practice every week between meetings. Prerequisite: Little Roots and Little Roots Discovery are helpful, but not mandatory.

Course Cost: $220 (plus $25 annual registration fee)

Discovery Ukulele, Taught by Tyler Lienhardt
Tuesday, (12/13-3/28) 4-4:45pm

Discovery Voice, Taught by Brad Longfellow

Brad Longfellow practices scales with Discovery Voice students

Brad Longfellow practices scales with Discovery Voice students

Wednesday (12/14-3/29) 4:00-4:55pm

Discovery Fiddle, Taught by Ellen Gawler
Wednesday, (12/14-3/29)  4:00-4:55pm

Discovery Fiddle, Taught by Ellen Gawler
Wednesday, (12/14-3/29) 5:00-5:55pm

Discovery Ukulele, Taught by Carter Logan
Thursday, (12/15-3/30) 4:00-4:55pm

Discovery Cello, Taught by Robin Jellis
Friday (12/16-3/31) 4:00-4:55pm

Discovery Fiddle, Taught by Maggie Robinson
Friday, (12/16-3/31) 4:00-4:55pm

Discovery Fiddle, Taught by Robin Jellis
Friday( 12/16-3/31) 5:00-5:55pm



Ellen Gawler teaches fiddle. When she’s not making music, Ellen is working on her farm.

Amanda Gale teaches voice, piano and runs our summer camp program. When Amanda’s not making music at 317 Main, she’s singing with her daughter Cora and getting ready to welcome a new addition to their family!

Robin Jellis teaches cello and fiddle. When she’s not at 317 Main,  Robin loves baking, gardening and spending time with family.

Tyler Lienhardt teaches fiddle and ukulele. When he’s not making music, Tyler is making music videos, riding his bike or playing basketball.

Brad Longfellow teaches piano, voice and serves as choral director for the Local Vocals and the Teen Ensemble. When he’s not making music,  Brad enjoys writing and playing basketball.

Carter Logan teaches banjo, guitar, dobro, ukulele, mandolin, fiddle, and bass. When he’s not making music, he’s working on his Jeep.

Amanda “Panda” Parkhurst is the Little Roots Early Childhood Director. When she’s not playing with kids at 317 Main,  she’s making music and magic at home.

Maggie Robinson teaches fiddle. When she’s doesn’t have a bow in hand, she’s riding her bike or calling Contra dances.


  • It’s FUN.
  • It’s a great way to SOCIALIZE.
  • It helps develop essential EARLY LEARNING SKILLS.
  • It helps kids become ACTIVE LISTENERS.
  • It teaches kids that PRACTICE PAYS OFF.
  • It’s FUN.  (Yes, we already said that, but it bears repeating. Seriously, making music is a blast.)

Download 2017 Spring Registration Form.

Financial Assistance is available. Download the form, or call our Front Desk at 846-9559 for details.

Age exceptions in group classes are sometimes made WITH PRIOR APPROVAL from instructor.

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