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Don’t miss Italian mandolin virtuoso and scholar Carlo Aonzo. He’s touring with his trio, (guitar bass) to promote their recent project “A Mandolin Journey.”

317 Main is presenting the show at First Parish Congregational Church on Saturday, October 21st 7:30pm.

Tickets $15 and $10 for the under 12s.

Here’s how Aonzo describes the project:

“A Mandolin Journey” is the journey to discover and rediscover the Mandolin, the real protagonist of this 15 tracks adventure. Together with my travel companions, Lorenzo Piccone and Luciano Puppo, we followed the call of its eight strings, which took us from their origins in Naples to an adventure around the world.

We started from the Italian roots of the mandolin – a strong iconic symbol of Italy in the world – and we explored its wide repertoire, attaining, through new atmospheres and sonorities, a rich mixture of culture and tradition, which are extremely important to the music of our country.

Following its tracks in search of fortune towards the Americas, we unearthed musical scores and different ways of approaching the instrument, thus creating a fascinating itinerary ranging from classical music to folk, choro, jazz and more…..

Often the mandolin has traveled in 3rd class, accompanying immigrants through seas and continents, inside cardboard suitcases to unknown lands. But wherever it landed it made its new dwelling by cleverly integrating with the local culture. This is confirmed by the different shapes and tunings that it took up within the various musical genres that welcomed it.

With this project we present the Italian mandolin’s journey in its various traditional, renewed and reinvented aspects; a modern melting pot of music and culture. A musical map, sailing off from the strong foundations of our tradition towards other interesting and unexpected sonorous routes.

(Carlo Aonzo)

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